Stand Up Paddle Board on Panama City Beach

At some time during your vacation here at Panama City Beach you will probably see early morning adventurers taking advantage of the calm ocean waters and playing and exercising in a fun way, called stand up paddle boarding. From the balcony of your vacation condo, you might think it looks difficult, but stand up paddle board (SUP) is actually easier than you think. SUP is also a great way to see our variety of marine life and meet others on vacation too. Here is some information on SUP that will help you decide to make paddle boarding fun for you!

PCB Stand Up Paddle Board


Sizes and Capacity of Stand Up Paddle Boards

Generally, for recreation use, SUPs come in two sizes, 10 feet 6 inches and  12 feet. The weight of a SUP can start from 20 pounds and go up. The weight range of the boards is 22lbs to 40lbs. Most recreation SUP's fall between 23-34 pounds. Large boards in the 10'6" length can weight close to 240lbs. Average weight capacity in this board class would be close to 225 pounds, and weight capacity varies from board to board depending on construction, materials and thickness. The 12' SUP weight capacity can range up to 375lbs. The length of a board does affect the stability, and the weight of the individual will play a role in the stability and comfort of the rider on the particular board.

Actual weight capacities of stand up paddle boards are determined by the manufacturer, and if the capacity is exceeded slightly, the SUP will certainly still remain buoyant. It's a matter of stability and comfort. Experience of the person on the board also plays a role in determining the best size for the right amount of stability. The more experienced the paddler, the smaller the board they can ride successfully. For anyone close to the recommended capacity of a board, it's best to step up to the next size for a better experience. 

Stand Up Paddle Board in Panama City Beach Florida


Benefits of Stand Up Paddle Boards

The benefits of SUP include enjoyment of the beautiful PCB ocean water, spending quality time with friends, relaxing, decompressing and better core strength and fitness. Having fun is is very beneficial to your health.


Use balance and strength to maintain your stance and propel yourself 
Easily increase & decrease your workout intensity


SUP is a great core workout, using almost every muscle in the body 
Maintaining balance is a large part of SUP, engaging your legs, arms, back and shoulders to propel and maintain your stance
Improve your performance in other sports as your balance and strength increases 


Much less likely to damage tendons and ligaments 
SUP is great for runners experiencing shin splints, knee or hip pain who want to maintain their fitness level without the impact
Burn lots of calories without damaging your joints


Great cross training benefits 
SUP is a simultaneous aerobic and strength training exercise, using all the muscles in the body 
Amazing cardiovascular benefits 
Improves your cardio fitness 
Decreased incidents of heart attack and stroke 
Excellent stress relief as your body and mind get into the rhythm of paddling


Doing YOGA while paddle boarding adds an extra dimension of balance and core training 
The sun and water enhance the experience 

Panama City Beach SUP Rentals

If you would like to rent a paddle board and have it delivered to you on the beach, contact one of the independent vendors below.

Mr. Surfs Surf Shop

7220 Thomas Drive. (850) 235-2702

MoJo Surf Co.

109 Sellers Street. (850) 249-3838

Walk on Water

108 Carillon Market Street. (850) 588-6230

PCB SUP Sales 

If you would like to purchase a paddle board please visit our friends at River Dog Paddle Co. Mr. and Mrs. River Dog are authorized dealers of BOTE and YOLO boards. (706) 512-5107