Fishing Piers

Russell-Fields Pier
M.B. Miller Pier
St. Andrews State Park

Fishermen have four very nice fishing piers to choose from in Panama City Beach. If you are a fisherman and want to fish far out into the Gulf of Mexico, or have a chance to cast into the Grand Lagoon, PCB has a fishing pier for you. The Russell-Fields Pier and the M.B. Miller Pier are very popular becuase each one extends about 1,500 feet into the gulf and some pretty good fishing waters. Non-fishermen also enjoy the piers including photographers for excellent opportunities morning, day amd night. The cost to fish from either pier is $6. This price includes your daily fishing license, and discounts are available for seniors, military, and disabled persons. Children 6 years of age and under are free, and seasonal or annual passes are also available. Spectators to the Russell-Fields Pier pay $3 for a day pass, while the M.B. Miller Pier charges $2/day for spectators. Passes purchased for one of these piers can be used at either.