Reservations by singles under the age of 25 are permitted with special provisions.  At least one guest must be 21 by the time of the reservation check in date, and the reservation must be booked by that individual.

Reservations are honored at the sole discretion of owners and management.  Every unit offered by Breakaway Vacayis not available for Spring Break rental due to complex policy and owner regulations. 

Reservation must be booked by telephone with a representative of Breakaway Vacay.  Online reservations are not honored for Spring Break rentals.

Reservations must be weekly - Saturday to Saturday only.  Spring Break Check-in time is 4:00 CST and Check-out is 9:00 am CST.

Rate advertised on the webpage is the base rate only.  The security deposit and cleaning fee indicated on the webpage are not applicable for rentals to singles under the age of 25.  We are required to charge an increased security deposit and cleaning fee in order to rent to singles under 25. The Security Deposit for Spring Break is $500.  This deposit is refundable two weeks after departure as long as all of the terms of the Rental Contract are maintained.  Cleaning fee is $100 - $200.  Fee varies by unit.  One bedroom units are generally $100, two bedroom units are generally $150 and three bedroom units are generally $200.  If the terms of the contract are not upheld and a unit is left exceptionally dirty, additional fees can be charged and will be deducted from the Security Deposit. Photo documentation is required from staff and provided to guest if deductions are made.

$575 is required by Visa, MC or Discover to book a reservation.   Prepaid cards are not accepted.  Full remaining balance is due 30 days prior to arrival.  Final payment may be made by Visa, MC, Discover, check or money order.  Mailing address for check and money order payments is included in the Rental Contract.

The rental contract must be reviewed by each guest that will stay in the unit.  PHOTO ID is required for each guest that will stay in the unit.  Maximum occupancy may not be exceeded in any unit or eviction will occur.  No overnight visitors are permitted.

Parking regulations vary by complex.  Instructions for parking and parking fee requirements (if applicable) are provided three days prior to arrival VIA email. Generally no more than two cars are permitted at any complex.

Random inspections are performed during the reservation to ensure maximum occupancy is not being exceeded and that no damage is being done to the unit.

Additional questions may be addressed by calling 850-866-7973.  You may also inquire by email: [email protected]